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Congress application is made via e-mail 

Application Guide

All submitted papers should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. Papers submitted to the symposium must meet these criteria and must not have been submitted for publication elsewhere.

Abstract submission

In order to make a presentation at the congress, you need to go to the congress page and upload your abstract before the deadline. The acceptance or rejection letter of your abstract, which will be reviewed by blind referee method, will be sent to you within 3-5 days.


Send your abstract by e-mail. After submission, you will be notified of the receipt of the summary by e-mail within three working days.


Participation fee payment

If your abstract is accepted, the dates specified in the congress calendar must be paid in order to participate in the congress.


After paying the registration fee, the congress programme will be published on the homepage on the specified dates.


Full text submission

If your abstract has been accepted and you have paid the registration fee for the Congress, it is recommended that you submit your papers before the full text deadline indicated on the congress page.

Writing Guide

Abstract writing rules

Please review our sample template. Please write your abstract in accordance with the sample template.

The paper should be written in Microsoft Word programme, in Times New Roman character, Title and author's name and surname should be written in 12 pt, top and bottom 0nk single line spacing.


The title should be written in capital letters and bold in 12 pt and single line spacing. All headings in the text after the Introduction (except Abstract, Introduction and Conclusion) should be numbered and the title(s), if any, should be written in bold and only the first letters should be capitalised.


The main text should be preceded by an "Abstract" of 150-300 words, written in Turkish and English (mandatory). In the abstract, the scope and purpose of the research should be stated, the method used should be defined and the results obtained should be briefly expressed. Immediately below the abstract, there should be at least three and at most six keywords and the initials of these keywords should be capitalised and a full stop (.) should be placed at the end of the last keyword. Abstract and keywords should be written in 12 font size and single line. The English equivalents of the concepts used in the English abstract of the articles should be based on the Encyclopedia of Islam itself and its sources.


The main text should be written in 12 pt, with upper 6nk and lower 6nk line spacing.


Titles, institutions, e-mail addresses, names and surnames of all authors should be shown on the abstract. ORCID number must be included.


Click the button below for a Sample Summary Template.


Full text writing rules

(Full text submission is not obligatory)

Please review the sample template. Please write the full text according to the sample template.


  • Title and author's name and surname should be written in Times New Roman, 12pt, single line spacing.

  • Main text should be written in Times New Roman, top and bottom 6pt, single line spacing

  • At least 3 keywords

  • Upper page limit :15 Pages

  • The abstract you use in your application should be in your full text

  • Use adequate bibliography

  • Citation and Bibliography should be organized in APA 7 in-text style.


Click the button below for a sample Full Text Template.

Payment Information

Participation Fees


Account Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your congress comply with the new criteria for ACADEMIC INCENTIVE and ASSOCIATE PROFESSORSHIP?

Our congress has been announced to 34 countries.  Applications have been received from 6 countries so far.

Turkey quota is 45

Papers will be evaluated by double blind referee method

Our congress complies with the new academic incentive and associate professorship criteria.


What are the congress topics?

Our congress is open to original academic studies from all disciplines. Sessions will be designed on a subject/discipline basis. Thus, academics working in the same field will be able to share their work with each other.


How many papers can we participate in the congress?

You can participate with a maximum of two papers.


What are the congress writing and presentation languages?

You can write and present your works in Turkish (Turkish dialects), English and Russian.


It is mandatory to include an abstract in English.


Where will our abstracts and full texts be published?

Abstract book will be published after the congress. There are 2 alternatives for your full texts. These are

  • publication in full text book

  • publication as an article in an international refereed journal


What is the application process?

Firstly, you need to submit your abstract. If your abstract is accepted, you will be informed about the full text, payment and other issues. The abstract evaluation process is finalised within 3 days after your application.

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